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Thread: Malt silo dust control

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    Malt silo dust control

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep dust down when filling your silos? I am trying to do this inexpensively. Thanks.

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    How are you filling your silo?

    If the truck is blowing the grain in, you should have two down tubes from the top of the silo: One to fill, the other to vent the dust and air. The second down tube should be connected to a bag-house dust filter.

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    our dust bags clogged too easily and then we'd start blowing dust out the top of the silo's PRV or whatever equivalent is up there. We rigged up a giant blow off bucket like you might use on a fermenter.

    We use a flexible (fernco-style) pipe fitting so it's easly removable, to attach an addtional length of pipe (of the same diameter) to the down tube that makes it long enough to fit well into a 55 gallon drum which we fill with water. The air pressure is plenty to bubble through the water and still vent the tank, but the dust gets trapped by the water. It makes a dusty sludgy mess inside the drum by the time we're done but it's easier to clean up and less hazardous presumably then dust EVERYWHERE!


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