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Thread: What to do after you brew

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    What to do after you brew

    It happens.
    The back goes.
    The knees go.
    Sometimes its the passion that goes.
    But there are so many of us that brewing is all we know.
    So whats a brewer to do when its time to leave the industry.
    Still be involved and pay attention of course, but what can pay the bills?
    Whats like brewing?
    What are he skills you can bring to another industry?

    "Uncle" Frank
    Frank Fermino
    Brewer I, Redhook, Portsmouth, NH
    Writer, Yankee Brew News, New England
    Wise-ass, Everywhere, Always

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    Great question Frank,
    I think about this occasionally as I feel the pain in the knees from 25 years of working on concrete floors. There are rep jobs with brewery related suppliers. Most involve significant travel. Consulting is an option less travel but the income can be spotty. Interested to see more responses.
    Joel Halbleib
    COO / Zymurgist
    Goodwood Brewing Co
    636 East Main St
    Louisville, KY

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