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Thread: Grain Handling Equipment Recommendations

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    Grain Handling Equipment Recommendations

    We currently have a 3 BBL brewhouse which we are double batching on. Our mill is from More Beer and does 900 lbs/hour and works great. We're looking to make things a bit easier on our brewers so we want to purchase some grain handling equipment. We've only been operating the brewery for 3.5 years on a small scale so this area of grain handling is all new to me. We'd like to use our existing mill if possible, we want the grain handling equipment to be operational with 1 person, it's less than 20 feet from desired grist case location to mash tun, hoping we can get away with keeping mill, grist case, auger motor outside under covered area. I'm pretty good at doing things on my own so could I just buy a grist case off the shelf and add the auger and motor? Who should I be speaking to about this? Are there manufactures that specialize in grain handling? Or do I work with any brewhouse manufacture on this? I know it's a small project for the big guys so just looking for the right fit.

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    ABM Equipment sponsors this thread. they make quality grain handling equipment. We looked at them but found that we were able to get the same things (auger, motor, gearbox, grist case, etc.) for around half the price from a farm supply company. as far as the install goes, it's simple, and everything should come with directions. I would be a bit concerned about humidity if you plane to keep the mill, grist case etc. outside in Florida. just make sure you keep it clean and inspect it regularly.

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    grain handling

    You might want to look at Many affordable options. We ordered one for our 15bbl setup, had it at our loading door 4 days later. Fairly easy 2 person setup with only a couple of questions. Re purposed a 7.5bbl plastic conical into a hopper.

    Geoffrey Carson

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