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Thread: Mashing with Coconuts?

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    Mashing with Coconuts?

    Hey All,
    Just wanted to know if anyone else out there has made a coconut beer of some sort by strictly adding coconut to the mash. And if so, what were the results? Would you do it again? Did you have to add to secondary as well?

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    I've never mashed with coconut...just added after fermentation is done. I'd love to open a wider discussion on the sue of coconut in beer.

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    I have only ever used it as an addition post-fermentation. I would be worried about the fat from the coconut being too incorporated into the beer/interfering with the yeast in fermentation. I'm neither a chemist nor a microbiologist, so this is purely an uninformed concern I'd have with doing it that way.

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    I made a coconut porter last year. I added unsweetened coconut flakes to mash, whirlpool and secondary. Got a little flavor from each step. Once in secondary you can really dial in the flavor you are looking for.

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