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Thread: 2.5" tank light?

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    2.5" tank light?

    We have a Pub brewing system and are looking for a kettle light. The TC seems to be 2.5"...we might use a reducer and then 3" tank light which seems to be the typical size. Any sites that offer 2.5" TC? Thanks

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    Go LED.

    If you have a typical clear lens on the kettle penetration, then you can use any of a number of standard LED lights meant for recessed accent lighting. I like the fact that they don't get so flippin hot that they brand you. Low energy, low voltage, high lumens, and cheap. If you don't have a clear lens on your lamp assembly, then clear acrylic works well to make one. Good luck!
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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    Thank you..I'm looking for the assembly.

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    Check out Archon Industries--they make process observation lights and have what you are looking for.

    The tri-clamp model light in halogen or LED is the KA100CL seen here:

    Their sales guy, Matt, was super helpful when we were trying to pick which unit was right for us.

    Good luck!
    Todd Phillips
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