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Thread: 7BBL Steam Turn Key 3 Vessel Brew House For Sale

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    7BBL Steam Turn Key 3 Vessel Brew House For Sale

    7BBL 3 Vessel Brew House For Sale

    -Mash tun with rake, VFD speed controlled
    -Boil Kettle with whirlpool oar, VFD speed controlled
    -Hot Liquor Tank
    -Stair platform
    -Mash Transfer pump, VFD speed controlled
    -HLT Transfer pump, VFD controlled
    -All stainless valves, pipes, spray balls, cup arm, and gaskets included
    -All steam pipes to tanks included with FabTek condensation collection tank
    -Two Honeywell Steam valves
    -Control panel
    -Remote VFD controllers
    -All wiring and RTD’s included
    -Dimensions of each individual tank(mash tun, boil kettle, and HLT) 4ft wide x 7ft high
    -Dimensions of complete brewhouse when set up, 20ft x 6ft
    -Boiler not included

    Located in Merrillville, IN
    More pictures available by request
    Buyer is responsible for shipping and packaging costs.
    If interested please email:
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    who is the manufacturer?

    can you tell me who the manufacturer is and when it was made? also, is the third 'vessel' the hot liquor tank or is it a dedicated mash tun?
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    So does the boiler come with it and is it electric over Steam?
    Is the mash tun heated?

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    The Boiler does not come with the system. It is a steam brewhouse. The mash tun is not heated.
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