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Thread: Anyone know what kind of tank this is?

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    Anyone know what kind of tank this is?

    We bought this tank used and have always thought it was an old Cherry Burrell tank. We are trying to find a new manway door assembly for it and it turns out that Cherry Burrell did not make it. There are no markings or serial numbers anywhere on it.

    Anyone recognize the design and knows who the manufacturer is?

    Anyone got any recommendations for finding parts for old dairy equipment?

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    Maybe you're in the market for PRV too! We had very similar tanks at Atlanta Brewing Company in the mid-90's. Not sure but could be Mueller. Other great source of parts like this is Archon Industries. Highly recommend.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--

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    Take your old door to a fabrication shop that does stainless tanks. I have had my old Cherry Burrell door worked on several times by a local fab shop, it is now much better than new.
    Joel Halbleib
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