Introducing the new Twin Monkeys Gunnison 20cpm canning line!

This is our smallest canner yet at only 52" long for the base model.
Easy/fast change-out between can heights AND can diameters. Run your standard beer can in the morning and your sleek coffee can in the afternoon.
It has options to weigh cans, reject underweight cans, and auto-adjust fill levels to hit the target weight.

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Twin Monkeys has created a model ready for anything and shrunk it into a small, fully-auto canner. It has all of the solid Twin Monkeys components that are on all the canning lines, including
  • Precision filler flow meters for fill levels repeatable to +/-2g
  • Patent-pending cam-less wedge seamer. It's fast and doesn't need constant adjustments.
  • Trouble-free lid applicator
  • 5-step oxygen reduction technologies

Specs for the Gunnison are:
Dimensions: 52"L x 26"D x 60"H
Weight: 450#
Compressed Air: 1.5 scfm
Elect: 120 or 240V 1-phase, 15A

We can help you with your entire line, from depals and rinsers to date coders and labelers, with a canning line somewhere in between. We tightly integrate nitrogen dosing if you need that.
And very importantly, Twin Monkeys has world-class customer service and a free seam inspection service. We'll make sure you're taken care of after you receive your system.

Find us at All of our models can be sold with a CE package for use in Europe.
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