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Thread: can you store malt in the cold box?

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    can you store malt in the cold box?

    I'm just curious whether it's ok to store grain in the cold box. I've seen grain storage recommendations that say to keep it below 60*F ideally. On the other hand, I expect there would be humidity requirements and I wonder if the humidity in there would be too high. Any thoughts?

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    Although I have no experience of doing this myself, I don't see why not. Comment based on the fact that in some parts of the world, the ambient temperatures in the silo room may be at this sort of temperature at times. two thoughts though - one is that you will probably need to adjust the strike liquor temperature up a degree or two unless the malt has had a chance to fully attemperate, and secondly, make sure that you don't have any final product (or process aids for that matter) also stored in the cold room, that could possibly be contaminated by the malt dust and associated bugs.

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    Thanks for the feedback Dick! I suppose my worry might be that condensation would form as the grain was coming back up to temperature after being removed from the cold box. But maybe it would be ok! Lots of places store grain in outdoor silos after all.

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