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Thread: Co-op Brewing Co. and Taproom Looking for Investors

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    Co-op Brewing Co. and Taproom Looking for Investors

    A Co-op brewing company that will lease equipment usage to two other brewing companies is seeking investor(s) for start-up. The brewery will have a contract with two other brewing companies, which are already selected, to use equipment for their own production. The taproom will have a presence of all three companies. Consumers will be able to choose from all three breweries under one transaction.

    The location is in Longmont, CO. The owners are negotiating a lease that includes significant costs covered by the landlord. The owners also have a funding agreement in place with a bank to cover 80% of the project. Investment need: $135,000, negotiable.

    Serious inquiries can be made through private messages.

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    I am not only interested in being an equity player in this business but am inquiring if I can participate in an active role in either as management capacity or Brewer position role of this expanding enterprise. I am willing to submit a resume upon request. My passion is to work in the brewing industry with a start up business, take that to a certain level, and assist in any expansion of territory. My experience in sales, marketing, and service should allow me to be a very productive member of this start up. I would love to hear more about, and hopeful work out a deal that works for both of us.

    My contact information is: Cell: 561—306-4841

    best regards,

    Jonathan Ilg

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