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Thread: 3yo 20BBL Premier Stainless 3V Brewhouse AVAILABLE TODAY

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    3yo 20BBL Premier Stainless 3V Brewhouse AVAILABLE TODAY

    For Sale: CUSTOM 3yo Premier Stainless 20BBL 3 vessel Steam Fired Brewhouse AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY!!!

    No need to wait 4-6mos for a brewhouse!

    We’ve moved locations and rather than shut down operations for a month while we move dwe decided to get a new brewhouse so our original system is available! It is pretty freaking awesome really and the only reason we aren’t sad to see it go is because we went overboard and bought a fully automated Premier Stainless 20 BBL 4 vessel system. It cost a hell of a lot more.. But it is what it is.

    This isn’t one of those goofy cheap-o rigs you see people advertising… It’s the real deal. There is a reason Premier Stainless has the reputation they do… All you need to do is buy this package and add your cellar (often stock or short lead times) ! Buy in confidence!

    3 Vessel (MT/LT, BK W/Calandria, WP)
    Integrated heat exchanger
    MT/LT with mixers, rakes, and grain out plow
    Internal Calandria (super fast boils)
    Control Panel

    $140K OBO

    Email: contact AT (take out the spaces and swap at for @!)

    (ALSO AVAILABLE: 60BBL HLT, BOILER, Grain Handling Equipment, Air Compressor)

    Check out pics at:
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