We're selling a GEA HB05 (GSC 40-06-077) separator for $100,000. The machine was purchased new from GEA, is skid mounted, in perfect operating condition and was commissioned March 7th, 2016. This unit has a maximum feed capacity of 65 BBL/hr and concentration of discharged yeast is an average of 20 - 22% DS. We processed at 40BBL/hr to achieve great clarity. This unit possesses Negele turbidity meter to monitor clarified output and automatically engage discharge at turbidity setpoint. Alan Bradley PLC controls dynamically monitoring turbidity according to process input so that the machine operates automatically without engaging in hysteresis loop (continuous discharging). It also includes a magnetic flow meter for totalizing volume filtered and determining instantaneous flow rates. The separator is damn near fully automated, so long as process infeed is setup correctly (proper level of solids flowing to separator - can't send ridiculous amounts through at one time). We would routinely filter tank bottoms and recover around 20 - 30% product from the yeast. This unit has auto recirculation loop to process high turbidity product in system immediately following discharge; therefore, minimal solids pass through into product feed during discharge. The separator has features of bowl with Hydro-Seal and hood blanketed with CO2 to eliminate oxygen pickup. The machine comes with a full set of factory issued spare parts, manuals, a bucket of factory spec Mobil synthetic separator oil and all required tools for disassembling and reassembling bowl. We have carefully maintained the separator with regular oil changes, biannual bowl disassembly and cleaning, and monthly cleaning of the water infeed strainer. Buyer responsible for shipping costs and customs fees (if applicable) or pickup is option. We can work with our freight logistics company to setup shipment if the buyer requests. The bowl will be removed prior to shipping to protect the spindle and bearings. We're selling the separator because our crossflow filter is sufficient for our current production volume. The separator was being used inline to buffer tank and crossflow in order to remove bulk solids - reduced our crossflow time dramatically! We would love to hang on to this separator to accommodate future growth, however, we need to redeploy the capital elsewhere. Please feel free to message me with any questions. I can also direct you to our GEA technician if you would like to confirm any info.

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