We are seeking investment to build a production style Kombuchery in Boone NC (North of Asheville). We come from the Biodiesel industry and have 10 years experience brewing Kombucha. The idea is to blend fermented tea with beer based recipes in some scenarios as well as have stand-alone Kombucha recipes.

We have another LLC that will partner with the Kombuchery. The other LLC is a distillation company where we extract the essential oils from Hops, Citrus and many other plant materials. These distilled oils will be the main tool in adding flavor and aroma to these tasty beverages.

Another perk is we are building a distribution network for the distilling LLC where we pick-up raw material and drop-off finished product. We would like the distribution network to work hand-in-hand in getting our Kombucha to the masses.

We already have the bones of the system with approximately 600 gallon brewing capacity on a continuous basis.

contact Daniel at daniel@nrdistilling.com