The purpose of this post is to reach out to my fellow Pro-brewers for the sake of networking to see if there are any like-minded and adventurous people out there who have thought about, or have been interested in starting something in the greater South Los Angeles area. If you are like me, and have the drive, motivation, and experience to start something, but lack the necessary capital to get anything substantial off the ground on your own, maybe we should talk.

I am a native of the area, but currently live out of state. I work in the industry and have a wide range of experience running a production brewery. I am a Siebel graduate and also hold a business degree. I love what I do and happy where I am, but the idea of venturing out on my own haunts me daily. The idea of starting something back home has always appealed to me.

I’m looking for someone who is capable of having some skin in the game and is as passionate about this industry as I am. Preferably someone who works in the industry and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and work hard. While not a prerequisite, someone who is currently living in the target market and is familiar with the local Craft demographic and competition would be an advantage. I keep myself informed, but there is only so much I can do from a distance.

If I am describing you please feel free to reach out to me via message. I would love to get to know you to see if we click and share more information about me. Maybe I can schedule a trip in the coming weeks to meet face to face. I have a strategy in mind, but would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.