3 Major Credit Reporting Companies Improving Standards By Excluding Tax Liens from Credit Reports
For some, scores could rise by as much as 30 points - effective April 16.

The new rule is in result of a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that found problems with credit reporting and recommended changes to help consumers. The process to remove civil judgement data and tax lien data from credit reports started last July and this month the remainder will be removed.

How Does This Benefit You and Your Businesses Ability to Borrow?
Credit scores determine if a consumer is able to borrow and how high or low of a payment a consumer or a business is going to pay. With an increased score one will have an increased chance of getting approved for lines of credit, loans, and financing period. The higher the score the lower the payments (money saved)!

Credit scores, such as those from FICO generally range from 300-850. If your score is on the cusp, this increase can help push you into a better bracket and put you in a better situation to borrow.

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