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Thread: Using starters for propagating yeast in nano?

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    Using starters for propagating yeast in nano?

    apologies to the guys whose thread i'm copying, but they're in Yeast forum, and im hoping that the Nano forum might get better responses.

    basically- they figure they can grow up some homebrew size pitches into enough cells for 2bbl brews. they thought 15L, but someone else says 20L or a 5gal carboy should do it. i'll ignore the cell count issue as most calculators can answer those questions.

    but are there nanos doing this to save money? growing up homebrew vials or pouches or dry packets? in theory it works, just wondering if there are any hidden pitfalls or effects on yeast that might not be obvious at first glance. anybody having good experience and results?

    our nano is in mexico and liquid is a super pain to get in 2bbl size due to customs/border/etc. dry is easier but still a pain as it has to be ordered well in advance with grains/etc. but homebrew sizes are cheap and fairly easy to get. selections not huge, but we can work with it.

    curious to know how this is working for nanos who grow their own

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    I don't do it regularly but have done it. For average gravity beers, it could be worth it to brew a small version of that beer and throw it into the full batch at high krausen, that way you aren't diluting/affecting the flavor at all. I suppose you could do it with high gravity beers too but those don't make for the best starters.
    If you are just making a simple, low gravity starter, do it a few days in advance, cold crash it in your walk in, and pour the wort off the top so it doesn't dilute before pitching into your 2bbl batch.
    We are a nano and I use a fresh pitch of dry yeast for every batch. You can order 11.5g dry yeast packets by the case. Fermentis yeasts come in a box of 38 and Lallemand a box of 50. Just order the case when you do your grain/yeast orders. We use 9 packets per batch, more for imperials/lagers, for 1.5bbl so you'd probably want to do about 12 packets. if you order a case of the yeast packets it'll last you a few batches depending on how often you brew/how many different yeast strains you use.

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