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Thread: 2.5 BBL Direct Fire All Stainless System

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    2.5 BBL Direct Fire All Stainless System

    This 2.5 bbl system was custom fabricated just over two years ago and has been used about 30 times. It is in great condition and was built by an electrical engineer and fabricator. It was modeled on the Psycobrew system and upgraded in a few areas.

    System Includes:

    - 100 Gal American-made Psycobrew Mashtun with manway, sparge arm, and false bottom (Psycobrew logo removed for cleaner look).
    - 100 Gal American-made Psycobrew Kettle with false bottom ($400 extra- great for catching extra particulate before knockout or using as second mash tun)
    - 100 Gal Bubbas Barrel Kettle with custom welded tri-clamp ports for whirl-pooling. Can be used as HLT or Second Kettle

    - All Stainless Steel Stand: 90 inches across, 34 inches high, 32 inches deep. Including the handle and control box 108 inches across.
    - Two 10-inch 320,000 btu Jet Burners & One 8-inch 200,000 btu Jet Burner
    - Fully Automated RIMS system with two Mach 315 SS Pumps
    - All components are housed in waterproof boxes and entire system can be hosed down without worry (unlike Psycobrew)
    - PID controls for each burner allowing versatility in setup. This enables you to run multiple batches at the same time upping capacity to 5bbls.
    - Heavy Duty Casters with 7,000 lb capacity.

    Also includes
    - One Blichmann Terminator sufficient for knocking out 70 - 80 gallons at a time.
    - 20+ SS tri-clmaps, tri-clamp hose barbs, and ball valves. Everything you need to get started except hoses should be replace.

    Just under $20,000 invested in system.

    Reduced price - $11,000

    Located in Athens, GA
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