Hey Pro Brewer Gang,
We get contacted frequently about challenges with TTB licensing. We do everything from basic single owner brew pubs up to the most complex licenses. We can also assist you with State licensing and FAD Registration.

Lately, we've handled some challenges for brewers who plan to or have submitted applications for label approval. Here are a few tips before you move forward. 1) Know what your brewing. In order to get label approval your product type and name must clearly identifiable by the consumer. In addition, certain ingredients may require you to file for formula approval before you can apply for label approval. 2) use a designer who has already developed TTB Compliant labels. 3) If you are only distributing in your home state and don't plan to file for label approval, Have someone qualified review your label. If you decide to distribute across state lines at a later time, you don't want to find out you must make label changes after your loyal consumers have learned to recognize your first design. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at gprindyjr@gprindy.com or call my cell at 636-209-1807.


Gary J Prindiville Jr
CEO, Prindiville & Associates, LLC
www. gprindy.com