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Thread: Plastic Fermenter Lid Leaks - please help

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    Plastic Fermenter Lid Leaks - please help

    I'm pressure testing plastic fermenters to 1 psi in order to push.

    I'm getting leaks between the lid gasket and the lid collar. 3 of 3 leak so far.

    I siliconed under and around the collar including the screws.

    Is there another method i.e. gasket placement on the collar instead of the lid? I'm stumped, please help.

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    We used to use these plastic FV's when we were on our 3bbl system. We had much better luck putting that gasket around the edge of the ring that screws onto the top of the fermenter (where you have the silicone) and not on the edge of the lid. We also did not use any silicone at all to seal up the tanks - this allows you to fully disassemble the lid apparatus for complete cleaning and sanitizing. We would get occasional leaks, but for the most part they were remedied by using a small dead-blow mallet to tap the lid nice and snug.

    Short of fully sealing the lid and threaded ring with silicone EVERY time you assemble it, this is the big downfall of these vessels. As soon as you are attenuated and pass VDKs, get that beer out of there and into a brite tank.

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