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Thread: Soda bottling

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    Soda bottling

    couple questions on bottling soda.

    1. Can you bottle soda from a beer gun or is the carb level/foam too much? I'd like to start doing a Hibiscus Lime soda as a non alcoholic option in the tap room, and as a rum mixer(we are in the tropics 8) ) and am thinking it might be cool to have some cases of bottles on hand as well. I have the last straw bottle filler. How about flavored club sodas? (the la croix type). EDIT: It looks like videos from youtube that sodas are bottled in 2 stages, the syrup is added first, then carbonated water is added.

    2. We are looking at an HDP bottling machine to distribute our beer a bit more. Can you use the same machine and lines to fill beer and sodas? If the soda thing goes well, might package that on a regular basis in addition to the beer. Would that work or would the lines smell like soda? (I'm planning to only do lighter stuff and not root beer or colas.)

    3. Preservatives. What would be better to curb bottle bombs? Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, both? and is there a calculation on how much to add?

    if there is a better source/site for this info, im happy to research more. I just haven't found much online about it.

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