Selling a 30hl system – NEW

Hi all,

After a lengthy, slow and tiring process of research and school to open a brewery, I have decided that I will postpone my project due to some factors I did not foresee in the process. That said, I put 40% down on my equipment and now I am looking to see if anyone wants to take over the equipment - remaining 60% plus whatever deal we can work out. My loss, your gain. TOTAL VALUE OF EQUIPMENT: $192,000 US - I CAN ALSO PARTNER UP IN YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE MONEY I PUT DOWN ON EQUIPMENT TOO IF INTERESTED.

First of all, let me tell you that I am an instrumentation technician and I’ve been researching this equipment for the longest time. After narrowing down some suppliers from China, I decided to purchase from a reliable company that put so much effort to make my brewery equipment – they have exported to every continent and have so many references around the globe. Plus, they use German engineering ABB, Schneider, Nagel, Siemens for all their processes. (I will give you references if you want)

The equipment is a turnkey system with the following contents:

30hl Brewhouse (MTL, KWT, 60HL HLT) with platform and a sink on top for easy access to water and testing wort. Capable of brewing half a batch as Kettle has top and bottom steam jacketed with easy shut off valve to use for 15hl or 30 hl. (I was going to purchase a natural gas low pressure steam boiler a connect to Kettle with a 1.5” connector for proper heating. I

Heat exchanger

3x60HL FVs – all with temp controllers and good solenoid valves. You can ferment top and bottom (half batch) when you only need 30hl. These FVS have their cooling system in 3 different sections – cone, top and bottom.

5x30HL FVS – Same function as the 60s

8x 10hl serving tanks – can use for beer maturation/conditioning too. I was going to have them behind the bar to cut keg space and serve directly from them. Alternatively, you can ferment in them.

Grain Cracker with a flexible auger (no grist silo) but you can easy ad to order if you please.

1x 20hp glycol chiller – Kansa brand. Chinese brand but highly recommended by plumbing and heating professionals as it’s good quality.

Brewery control cabinet with PLC – ALL CUL/UL approved.

300L CIP tanks (two units)

2 station keg filler

2 station 3 Auto keg rinser

1x portable CIP pump

1x extra touch screen for platform on brewery

I can give you extra details if you are interested – Please email me if you have any questions.

Thank you!