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Thread: Used Specific Mechanical 3 head Semi-Auto Keg washer for sale

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    Used Specific Mechanical 3 head Semi-Auto Keg washer for sale

    We are selling a Specific Mechanical 3 head keg washer. The unit was purchased in 2014 and has been well maintained and is great working condition. I personally replaced all of the check valves and and air acuated valves in 2016 along with all of the air tubing. Peristaltic pump tubing was recently replaced as well. This unit works great for us but we are upgrading to a keg washer/filler. Asking 14k obo. I tried posting images, however they are posting upside down. If you want, I can email you the photos directly.

    Here is a description from Specific:
    "Programmable logic controller (PLC) with 6" touchscreen featuring 12 step cleaning cycle with adjustable time settings. Caustic tank with 2 heating elements, rinse water tank, supply pump with variable speed control - allows for stem cleaning during caustic cycle, stainless plumbing, pneumatic valves. Cleans 1, 2, or 3 kegs at a time, cleans approximately 30 kegs per hour"
    Feel free to contact me for any information
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