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Thread: Gelatin at >7bbl level

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    Gelatin at >7bbl level

    I just started at a 7bbl brewery and I would like to know how one adds gelatin at this scale. You can't really get a spoon and mix it in, right? How do you ensure a good distribution instead of just pour it into one spot and having less-than-ideal results?


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    may I make a suggestion? have you tried Biofine Clear? I use between 50 ml and 100 ml per bbl and it vegan friendly. it can also be add directly into the tank prior filling to mix well.

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    Biofine Clear or Nalco 1072, same product. Don't use gelatin on commercial scale, biofine works too well to deal with the hassle of gelatin.

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    In the past for a 7bbl system my process was:
    • Mix gelatin (usually 2 oz by weight for 7 bbl) with sterile room temp water in large sanitized glass pitcher. Allow gelatin to "set-up" for 10-15 minutes.
    • Thin out gelatin with hot liquor or sterile hot water.
    • Immediately after transfer/filter from fermenter to brite tank, pour gelatin mix through the PRV of brite tank
    • Immediately begin carbonating through carb stone in brite tank.

    Usually this would yield good results in about 24 hours. Be prepared for some gelatin/yeast to settle in the bottom of the brite tank. You'll want to use a sight glass when filling kegs off the brite so you can dump any settled yeast out of the bottom of the tank before you fill your first keg. Also keep a close eye on the last keg you fill or you're going to get a bunch of yeast in it!
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    I second the vote for biofine and nalco. much better results and much faster. I inject my nalco through a tee during transfer at the bottom of the brite with co2 pressure. I've seen other people using a corny keg as a brink for finings.

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