Hey All,

We're moving onto a different spec as we're more interested in running beer chemistry. This one does all the basics though - ABV, IBU, VDKs, etc. We've only used it about 6 times.

For Sale: Used CDR BeerLab Photometric Beer Analyzer


Can run up to 16 samples at a time and all of these tests:
Beer and Wort Tests
Acetic acid
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
Bicarbonate in Water
Bitterness (IBU)
Calcium in Water
Chloride in Water
Fermentable Sugars
Free Amino Nitrogen by OPA (FAN)
Lactic Acid (D + L)
Magnesium in Water
Potassium in Water
Sulfate in Water
Total sulfur dioxide
Vicinal Diketons (VDKs)
Yeast Vitality
Zinc in Water

We're also including these reagents (total retail value of $506.03 before tax/shipping):
pH - 20 tests unopened
Chloride - 10 tests unopened
ABV - 20 tests unopened
Potassium - 10 tests unopened
Magnesium - 10 tests unopened
Bicarbonate - 10 tests unopened
Fermentable sugars - 20 tests unopened
Dilution kit for sugars - 20 tests unopened
Calcium - 9 tests opened

New reagents list/pricing here:

We paid $7,070 for the instrument plus additional tax/shipping and $506.03 plus additional tax/shipping on the reagents coming with it. First $5,000 takes all and we will cover shipping (some reagents have to be overnighted).

Contact: Pete Lengyel at pete@kcbcbeer.com