I made a search of probrewer and did not find a thread on this subject, but if you know of one, let me know.

I have just started running a wild goose wgc250 conning machine (with ska depal) I have done a few packaging runs and things are getting better.

I wonder if there is a thread for tips and tricks for wild goose and other similar inline canning machines.

Specifically i am interested in maintaining low air pickup. I understand that the larger “fisheye” bubbles tend to have more air, and lead to dO pickup. The bubble breaker ahead of the lid dropper should push them off ideally.

What suggestions are there for avoiding/ eliminating them in the first place. I tried reducing the Low flow flowrate with the setscrews. I am thinking this may come about from splashing as the first beer enters the can, so slowing the low flow was my solution to reduce it.

Any Suggestions?