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Thread: Gap setting for mill with slotted rollers

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    Gap setting for mill with slotted rollers

    I bought a mill with helical slotted rollers. The manufacturer recommended an initial gap of 0.030"...which seems too narrow and just begging for a stuck mash.

    Does anyone have experience with slotted rollers?

    Thanks in adanvce

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    Because so much depends on the design of the flutes - size, twist, whether they interlock or just "meet" at the surface, there cannot be a simple answer. Try it as recommended and see what you end up with. Cargill presented at the CBC in 2016 - "malt milling for the craft brewer". Find this and follow through their procedures / recommendations. Try also Van Havigs presentation "Improving Brewhouse Efficiency for Small Brewers". Not sure where or how I found that one.


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