We are getting ready to take delivery of our rotary canning line and want to find a new home for our inline canner. We expect to be using our old line until at least July 1st during the commissioning of the new line.

The details:
Cask ACS 5 head canning system V4 capable of 35 cans per minute (12oz) with integrated post seamer can rinser and blower - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYMlEIZYFts
12 and 16 oz Cask twist rinsers- http://www.cask.com/canning-system-accessories/
Cask Shaker table -receives cans from the depalletizer and gets them into a single file and feeds into the twist rinse
GRX depalletizer- https://www.grxmfg.com/manual-full-pallet-depalletizers

All of this equipment was installed new October 2017.

We are asking $100,000 FIRM for it now. A $25,000 deposit is required now. The balance due when we are ready to ship in July.

Free training at our facility while we are still running it. We will help load into a truck. Crating is extra.

Any questions let me know.

ben at wormtownbrewery dot com