Hello All,

We are a relatively new meadery in town and have a sweet, state-of-the-art keg washer for our operation. Currently we do not use it full-time and thus are offering it up to the local brewers scene for washing kegs. We remember (not too fondly) the DIY keg washing setup we used to have and were always looking for someone who was offering a keg washing service...so here we are.

We can ONLY clean SANKE kegs, sorry homebrewers with corny kegs!

The wash is a Nitric wash using Birko chemical blend followed by a 5 Star Saniclean sanitization and CO2 pressurization. Wash cycle is just over 3 mins and your kegs will come out clean as a whistle, lickety-split.

We are thinking $2/keg to start.

Normal hours are M-F. 6:30am-3pm

Email or call with questions and to come check out your new favorite way to wash those kegs.

Annapurna Mead
Colorado Springs, CO
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