Electric Brewing system. Everything you need to brew today. Free software, run from your phone. I can walk you through the set up. $800.00 OBO. 115 Volt Brew-Boss Controller V2.0 .Direct Contact Temperature Probe Kettle Mount. 15 Gallon Brew-Boss Kettle with Cover. Triclamp Stainless Steel Heating Element. 8 Foot L6-30 Extension Cord for Heater Element. Stainless Steel Mesh False Bottom . 24 Volt Brush less DC Brewery Grade Pump. 90 Degree Barbed Elbow Threads Onto Center Infusion Tube All Hose Connections. Stainless Steel Flow Regulator. TriClamp Gaskets and Clamps. Stainless Steel Wing Nut Type Hose Clamps. Brewery Grade Silicone Tubing. You pay shipping. Ill pack for you. Tom. wyjackthomas@gmail.comName:  Brewboss - Copy.jpg
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