Hi all!

My current workplace has been using spunding valves for FVs for quite a while. I am a bit new to them.

I have heard whispers of people using the spunding valves while force-carbonating in a BBT. I wasn't sure if this was a real thing, until I spoke to the distributor for our spunding valves who had also heard of this.

Our current dilemna:
One of our main products is blended with a soda that is relatively uncarbonated, so we lose a fair amount of the CO2 that would be captured during fermentation. We have been having some issues with a particular 100 hL BBT, specifically with this product. More recently, they have been issues of over-carbonation because our CO2 instruments (both Anton Paar Cbox and Zahm & Nagel CO2 Volumer Meter) are being thrown off by the foaminess of carbonation/adjuncts present in it. Letting it sit for a few hours sometimes helps, but being a fast-paced production brewery we are limited on that avenue.

My question:
Does anyone have experience with using a spunding valve on a BBT? And if so, any recommendations for process? And what size BBTs have you had success with? The spunding valves that we have can be set to 1 Bar, so roughly 14.5 PSI. Which should theoretically work for that specific BBT because it's working pressure is 15 PSI.

Thanks a bunch!