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Thread: Now I did it!!

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    Now I did it!!

    Time to humble myself, and admit a mistake, and just hope someone can provide me with a remedy.

    I made a bad judgement call, and brewed a batch of beer just early enough to find there was not much yeast to gather at the bottom of the cone. After a few cuss words, I proceeded, as usual, and just pitched more (beer with a little yeast in it) than I normally would, as opposed to nice thick, healthy, creamy yeast. I'm almost 100% positive I under pitched.

    1 of 2 things will happen (I'm guessing):

    1) Everything will turn out just fine as usual (slim chance)

    2) The yeast will peter out early, or get overworked, resulting in fruit punch.

    Besides the obvious, (not screwing up in the future), what can I do now to fix this, should the yeast peter out. I have a few ideas, but want to hear your input.

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    Question underpitching yeast

    What about getting some fresh yeast and re-pitching ?


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    Let it be a bit warmer that usual, and if it is still not starting, bubble up CO2 or O2 from th botom to get every last cell in suspension.

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    When I've done this (either knowingly or unknowingly), I've suffered clarity issues, and a bit of off flavor. My thinking is that I've cropped and repropagated a bunch of low-floc layabouts, and though they may eventually finish up, some just never seem to drop out. Keep a watch for a nice rubbery autolysis flavor.

    My remedy: keep a couple of bricks of SafeAle04 tucked away in a drawer someplace... amazing shelf life, and a quality, super-cheap (~30 bucks) alternative to pitching a bad crop.

    Depending upon your beer and the typical yeast you use, consistency may suffer some (or not at all), but it's certainly preferred to a batch that tastes like crap!


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