We've upgraded to a two barrel system so we're selling our one barrel equipment that has been in use (and served us quite well) over the past three years:

1)Two 42 gallon jacketed Brewers Hardware fermenters. In great condition and the glycol jackets work great! 1.5" tri-clover inlet valve with a 2" dump valve (nice feature) and a port for temperature probe.

2)One Stout Tanks 40 gallon un-jacketed Brite Tank that we modified for glycol temp control with a stainless steel homebrew wort chiller attached to the bottom of the lid with glcyol lines compression fittings on the top. Works great and affectionately named R2D2 for obvious reasons. Also in great condition!

Asking price for all three: $5800 obo. They're available separately as well: fermenters are $2360 apiece obo and the brite is $1086 obo.

Send an email to if interested.

Jim Goronson

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