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Thread: Keg Washing... the outside

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    Keg Washing... the outside

    Hey All,

    Looking for ways to stream line scrubbing a Keg. When I have a brewer washing kegs all day one spends most their time with a soapy brush hand scrubbing.

    Has anyone built anything for this?

    I’m brainstorming using some push broom heads in a trash can or something similar that you could set a keg in and twist it like a golf ball washer. You just twist a few times and it’s ready for chemicals.

    Something of this nature would free up time to take gravs, do a transfer, and several other things along with reducing the pain of keg washing.

    Our keg washer does enough kegs where if your not changing them over you are scrubbing the next ones to keep up.


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    Ecolab Foam Force (or equivalent foaming cleaner) is a magical elixir for jobs like that. Spray down 50 kegs, set up the filling machine while they sit, then rinse them off and go.

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