Boundary Brewing Brewkit and tanks.

Oban ales Manufactured.
400L HLT 12kw element
mash tun with wedge wire floor. 350L
400L Copper. 12kw element. side door and top manway
under back.
Associated pipework

2 x 700L to brim open fvs. wood clad.
1 x 600L to brim open FV. SS insulated.
1 x 600L brim pressurised CT.
all ready for glycol.

we've been producing max of around 100HL a month on this bad boy. obviously we have other tanks. double brewing pretty much every week day. Can do beers up to about 11% with some sugar. Liquor back on brewday helps with volume too.

can get 110kg or so max grain in MT.

£13,000+ VAT.
Buyer Collects. We can load FOC.