New in 2011, upgraded after one year of use. De-commissioned in 2012 and in storage since. (in BC, Canada)
4 vessels plus boiler, grain handling, HLT and CLT. Upgraded control box
  • DME Mash Tun
  • DME Lauter Tun w/rakes
  • DME Steam Kettle
  • DME Whirlpool
  • brew platform & stairs
  • control panel
  • heat exchanger
  • DME 100HL Hot Liquor Tank
  • Cold Liquor Tank, 200HL horizontal tank
  • RAD 2 roller malt mill & flex augers
  • Fulton steam boiler, natural gas

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Asking price USD 160,000.00

available to be inspected, send a message here, call or email!