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Thread: We're Poised to Grow... Come Join Us

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    We're Poised to Grow... Come Join Us in Oregon

    After five-plus years as a one-man gypsy and tenant craft brewery in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Asher David Brewing & Cellarworks (formerly Awesome Ales) is ready to take the next step. Our 20-plus year industry veteran founder (brewer, pub owner, director of brewing, craft beer sales/distribution) has partnered with a 30-plus year industry veteran (brewer, publican, writer, AHA and state brewers guild director, craft beer sales/distribution) and we are building a solid team with an innovative business model.
    We are currently seeking investment capital to continue our expansion and rebranding. In the past six months, we have rebranded and refocused our brand, added four new Oregon sales territories and built a solid plan for establishing a brick and mortar presence. We have identified a great space for a flagship taproom/pilot brewery and are working on an alternating proprietorship agreement with an existing brewery.
    We are ideally looking for equity partners who are in it for the long haul and who would be willing to assume an active role with the business – including sales, distribution, pub management and production.
    We are also willing to look at small equity investments $20K to $40K from inactive investors and small ($10k-$20k) short term/high yield loans. Any deal would be considered.
    Projects to be funded include:
    1) Securing and building out taproom/pilot brewery
    2) completing alternating proprietorship agreement
    3) Adding sales staff in new sales territories and building self-distribution network

    Please reply to Jim at
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