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Thread: Cycle times for Automatic Keg Washer

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    Cycle times for Automatic Keg Washer

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering what cycle times (hot caustic, acid wash and steam sterilization) everyone was using on their automatic keg fillers for cleaning unfiltered beer. We recently had the circuit breaker for the pump on our acid tank trip, and we had a bunch of kegs go sour. While I realize that this is somewhat normal. I'm more than a little bit concerned that the steam sterilization wasn't enough to kill anything living in there. It's also clearly pointing to the likelihood that the caustic time is insufficient as well. Keykegs we filled from the same batches, using the same machine never went off indicating to me that it's not an issue with infection in the fermenter or a resident infection in the machine.

    The manufacturer gave it to us with some presets, but has really been slippery by avoiding making specific recommendations.



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    Not sure what smaller brewers use, but the recommendations we used to follow in a couple of large breweries

    Saturated steam at 135 deg C, bring up to temperature and hold for 1 minute

    Steam sterilisation times.pdf

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    i have a manual keg washer so take it for what its worth. I run caustic for 2 minutes and PAA for 1 minute. Never had any problems. Also, I always though acid cycles were more for beer stone, not really sanitation (at least in the short term).

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