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Thread: Paktech application by tool

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    Paktech application by tool

    After pressing on thousands of Packtech/can carriers by hand just wondering if anyone has come up with a tool to do it? Not yet at the level to justify machine application but my thumbs are still sore!

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    I have seen a manual machine before, although I cannot remember where. It was like an over sized can crusher with a plate on top that was the size of a 6 pack. You just pulled the lever down to snap the lids in place.

    I watched it work a few times, but quickly decided it was faster and easier to just snap them by hand. By the time you aligned the paktech and the 6 pack into the "vice" properly, you could have done two sixers by hand.

    Use your palms and not your thumbs. That is my best piece of advice until you are ready to purchase the automated machine.

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