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Thread: 10 BBL Fermenters for sale 2 ea.

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    10 BBL Fermenters for sale 2 ea.

    10 BBL unitank fermenters manufactured by AAA (late 90s) and Interior Stainless (mid. 00s). Both are jacketed, insulated and clad with one and two zone cooling, respectively. Racking arms, spray valves, thermowell, sample valve, PRV/VRV and butterfly valves. These tanks were in a building fire and suffered some minor acid pitting on the outside cladding. Outside of Tanks will be cleaned before delivery but the pits will remain. Cosmetic only, does not affect performance. Inside of tanks are like new (see pics) Located in North Central WA, Delivery to PNW brewery for nominal charge. $5500/$6500 respectively. Or both for only $10k! Email

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