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    I've used PAA as the main sani for tanks, soaking parts, and for spot sani, but in reality it is not good for spot sani because it takes too long to be effective. I prefer and now use 70% isopropyl alcohol for a spot sani, which is great, but can be costly. I have also worked in places that use Iodophor for soaking parts and as a spot sani while using 180F water as a sani for tanks. I don't like any of these options for many of the reasons mentioned above. The worst is Iodophor as a spot sani because it takes even longer than PAA, which I believe someone else mentioned.

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    Environmental concerns

    I'd like to add that IO has significant negative impacts on macroinvertebrate life if discharged into waterways, even at small volumes. I believe this is why it's banned in the EU.

    Our town has an old lagoon-style treatment system, so we use PAA exclusively in order to protect our natural resources.
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