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Thread: Newlands (NSI) Propagator YPS 240S - Used once, recently upgraded.

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    Newlands (NSI) Propagator YPS 240S - Used once, recently upgraded.

    This system employs two vessels. One vessel is utilized for sterilizing the feed wort and the second vessel for the propagation process. The nutrient wort is sterilized by heat, ambiently cooled and incrementally fed into the propagation vessel, where the yeast has been added from a starter flask. The nutrient wort and the yeast are continuously aerated during the the propagation process. The combination of the feed rate and the the continuous aeration process increases the production of yeast mass while limiting the production of alcohol.

    Recently upgraded by NSI with:
    • Addition of sterile air filters and flow controller
    • Addition of an aseptic needle micro-sample port
    • Addition of bottom cone jacket on the wort sterilization tank

    Utility requirements:
    Steam: 65 lbs/hr at 15 psi
    Electrical: 110 V, 1PH, 15A
    Glycol: Minimum 24 dF, 1650 BTU/hr, 1 GPM. 35 PSI max.

    CAD$ 35,000 O.B.O.
    FOB Toronto, ON
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