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Thread: Warm dry hopping and diacetyl

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    Warm dry hopping and diacetyl

    Hi people,

    We have had first hand experience with warm dry hopping, 21C, and diacetyl problems in our heavy hopped beers. We would typically see a beer finishing at 1.014, day 7, and after the dry hop sit at 1.010, day 11. We would crash the beer at this point. We started dry hopping at 16C after a negative forced diacetyl test and reaching our forced fermentation target, day 6. We will then crash the beer at day 11. We would not see any significant drop in gravity and the diacetyl issue got resolved.

    We did find that our hop profile was a little different due to dry hopping at a slightly cooler temp. My questions are the following:

    1) What does other brewers do to successfully dry hop at a warmer temp?
    2) Would you still have some biotransformations happening at 16C?
    3) Would it help to mash at a low temp to favour Beta-amylase so that refermentation doesnt restart after a warm dry hop
    4) If you see a dry hop creep at a warm temp, do you just leave it until your gravity is stable and a negative forced diacetyl test (if that is possible due to a lack of yeast since most of it has flocced out?)

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