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Thread: Partnering with Restaurant

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    Partnering with Restaurant

    Hi, our brewery is 1 year old and we're growing. We currently do no food and allow people to bring food in. We are looking at purchasing a building and partnering with a restaurant and/or having catering companies cater private parties versus doing the food ourselves. Money wise, what kind of deals are normal between breweries & third party food?

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    I know this is old but for anyone else wondering. I dont remember if it was a state law or federal but in January the rules changed and we were told having an outside business operating onsite is no longer allowed. We originally were looking to have a catering company use our kitchen as well.. we were told that these rules were going to start effecting the way a lot of foodtruck setups are being implemented as well. I assume they are going to start not allowing a person to park a foodtruck where people are allowed to be with beer in hand or something to that effect.

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