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Thread: CFR Title 27 25.35 - Tanks and Measurement

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    CFR Title 27 25.35 - Tanks and Measurement

    In the Fed regulations I saw this below:

    §25.35 Tanks.
    Each stationary tank, vat, cask or other container used, or intended for use, as a receptacle for wort, beer or concentrate produced from beer shall:

    (a) Be durably marked with a serial number and capacity; and

    (b) Be equipped with a suitable measuring device. The brewer may provide meters or other suitable portable devices for measuring contents of tanks or containers in lieu of providing each tank or container with a measuring device.

    How do you do this with a conical or unitank? This is for a very small 3BBL Nano. The portable meters that go in line are around a grand and they only tell how much went into the FV, not how much is currently in there after blowoff. What am I not seeing when I think about this? The only thing I can think of is having a portable length of hose on a elbow that comes from the bottom port and then letting it rise up the side of the tank when I need to take a measurement. This method would only work for liquid at ambient pressure also.

    Thanks for all your help!
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