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Thread: 25,000 bbl System for sale

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    25,000 bbl System for sale

    Brew House Equipment; Custom NSI Stainless Fermentation Tanks (4) 120bbl, (4) 90bbl, (2) 60bbl
    Mash Lauter Tun 30bbl
    Bright Beer Tank (60bbl (fully jacketed)
    Grain Hopper
    Cold Liquor Tank 60bbl
    Kettle 50bbl w/steam jacket
    Hot Liquor Tank 60bbl

    Glycol Chillers (2) Aqua Products Co., Inc DCS-120C-S41

    Copper and Stainless Hectoliter Tanks (steam jacketed)

    All Very Good Condition

    Power Mill (1) Roskamp 2 roller 220Volt w/funnel and stand
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    We are interested if you can shoot me an email with more details we can get a dialogue started.

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