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Thread: Offering a 401k plan

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    Offering a 401k plan

    Check the poll above (please vote even if you don't respond):

    Just curious - does your brewery offer a 401k plan?

    If not, why not? Are the start up costs of the plan prohibitive? Thanks.
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    You didn’t leave an option for a business that offers a 401K. I would have selected that one. Although I have worked at many that do not, this one does.

    It is disappointing that most seem to ride the backs of their labor without incentivizing them to stay and grow internally. This industry has a lot of evolving to do, and until it does, the “Gypsy Brewer” will be the standard. Turn and burn works both ways.

    Jobs posted with a salary range, health care, or retirement are minimal to none in this industry, however this is not the case in other fields. Everyone wants a stable employee, but no one wants to help provide the stability. Profit sharing, employee ownership, and structured bonus programs work great in other industries, but few are committed to this in brewing. JMHO.

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