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Thread: Fermentation difference between low or high

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    Fermentation difference between low or high

    Hey guys,

    New to probrewer sorry if this topic has been covered, couldn't find anything about it tho.

    I was wondering, every yeast has its fermentation range lets say around 18C - 25C. But between those 7 degrees I can imagine the yeast would work different? Ive heard that higher around 25C more fruit flavors? Can anyone give me some tips on this?

    Thank you!!!

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    Yeast will perform in a wide range of temperatures, even well outside those peramters mentioned. Some strains are more temperature sensitive than others.

    A lot of brewing books have this basic level of information in them. I would suggest using the search function, and ordering a few books. Is not as simple as some make it out. Yes, typically warmer temperatures aid in ester formation (fruity), but other things happen as well.

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