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Thread: Sabco Brew Magic v350

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    Sabco Brew Magic v350, NC/SC/GA pickup

    We're selling our (less than one year old) Sabco Brew Magic. It has been used four times and is cleaned and ready to brew.

    Perfect for home brewers who want to step up their game or a pilot system for a production brewery. This system rocks.

    Paid $9,300, asking $8000.

    PR711_LP115 - Brew-Magic V350MS System (LP/115v)

    Fermenter, Bright Tank and Chiller Included:
    PR731 - SABCO Fermenter - 15.5 Gal_ Santop
    PR765 - SABCO Bright Vessel - 15.5 gal.
    PR714_115v - Chill-Wizard System, 115v

    Additional Accessories:
    NP997 - Dual Regulator Assembly (USA bottle connect)
    NP1009 - Tri-Clamp Hose (5ft, 1/2"TC ends, gaskets, clamps)
    NP1023 - Adapter (Keg Coupler thread x 1/2" TC)
    NP1024 - Keg Coupler - American (D-System)
    NP905 - Shut-Off Ball Valve (beer thread connect)
    NP986 - Tri-Clamp Gaskets (1/2") (5x)
    PR760_Quick Disc. - Carb. Wand (Barb Connection)
    PR810_Cplr.Thd - Dirty Gauge (with Coupler-thread connect)

    Pictures available upon request.

    Available to be picked up in the Upstate of SC.
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