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Thread: VLB-Berlin Certified Brewmaster - Chemist - Brewer position worldwide

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    Post VLB-Berlin Certified Brewmaster - Chemist - Brewer position worldwide

    24 year old with American/German citizenship looking for fulltime position as brewer at innovative breweries

    VLB-Berlin Certified Brewmaster -

    Six-month fulltime program studying brewing engineering, filling/packaging, and quality control to convey all the knowledge necessary for the technical management of a brewery

    Courses: raw materials, malting, brewhouse production, fermentation, maturation, filtration, pasteurization, sanitation, water treatment, biochemistry, microbiology (lab and lecture), CTA (lab and lecture), sensory analysis, malting/brewhouse equipment

    Recipe formulation, brewing and fermentation of a Pilsner, Amber Lager and Session IPA on the 5 bbl pilot brewery

    College of Charleston, Bachelors, Chemistry

    Relevant work experience:
    Holy City Brewing, Charleston, SC - sanitation (tank CIP and brewery hygiene), filling and cleaning kegs/ casks, filling cans on a 12 head rotary canner

    LauderAle Brewing, Fort Lauderdale, FL - Cell counts for vitality/viability, water analysis/treatment, raw material handling, wort production, fermentation, packaging

    Interested in any offers and locations. Especially interested in opportunities in Southern/Central California, East Coast, Europe, Asia, and islands (I'm a surfer).
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