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Thread: Newlands Brewhouse and Misc. cellar equipment

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    Newlands Brewhouse and Misc. cellar equipment

    Attachment 628172-40bbl fermenters-Pacific Brewing Systems-2012-3 zone dimpled glycol jacketed-$12,000 per tank
    1-60bbl brite-Pacific Brewing Systems-2015-3 zone dimpled glycol jacketed-$14,500
    1-40bbl-Newlands mash mixer/boil kettle-steam jacketed-1993-$25,000
    1-30bbl-Newlands lauter-1993-$23,000
    1-Newlands whirlpool-1993-$21,000
    1-Lattner gas boiler-680,000 but-$7000
    1-30bbl CLT-Converted Mueller dairy tank-lower half glycol jacket-$6800
    1-30bbl-HLT-steam heated-$5800
    1-Mueller single stage heat exchanger-$3600
    120-1/6bbl stainless kegs@$45 per keg-$5400
    $136,000 in value. Price will go to $105,000 if bought complete. All individual prices are negotiable as well.
    This is an older brewhouse but is in excellent working order. I can personally vouch for its effectiveness having brewed on this system for 4 years.
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